New #teaching tools in East Pyne 012: perfect for #activelearning

The classroom, East Pyne 012, is now part of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. The classroom design includes a central seminar table and computer stations along the side walls of the room is perfect for active learning — allowing small breakout groups around the screens, and a space for the whole class to come together in the center.

There is an 80″ display at the front of the room, and wireless projection.

The room also has some new low-tech equipment: personal whiteboards that can be used for brainstorming at the tables, then re-hung on the wall for discussion and sharing ideas.

The room can be booked for Princeton classes and precepts for Fall, 2016. Contact for more information. The classroom has 13 computer workstations; the central table seats 14.

Posted by February 4, 2016