New prototype teaching podium on display in Frist 330

The podium installation in Frist 330 is finally complete – come and see the new prototype of the classroom teaching podium.

The podium was designed by OIT’s Classroom, Labs and Media Services (CL&MS) group. This podium will simplify and standardize the interface to classroom technologies across many campus learning spaces and requires minimal set up. The sample will be available to view (and test) in the McGraw Center’s Teaching Lab in Frist 330. For appointments to visit and test the new podium, please contact Bring your teaching laptop, or try the onboard computers (Mac and PC).

CL&MS will also follow up with faculty who test the new podium for feedback on usability and features, or feedback/questions can be sent directly to Rich Bakken, Associate Director for Classroom, Lab and Media Support (

Posted by February 29, 2016