New McGraw DLL Website

We are pleased to announce a new teaching and learning-focused website for the McGraw Digital Learning Lab (DLL).

This new website is part of a broader initiative to frame the identity of McGraw DLL in terms of it’s interdisciplinary teaching-mission and vibrant student community. To connect website and physical location, a new text-based logo mirrors the signage and blue wall adjoining the space in the iconic Lewis Library atrium.

A primary aim of the new site is to engage students and inspire them to integrate multimedia tools in their course projects and professional development. One page, “How do I do that,” offers instructional materials for building multimedia projects and a place to ask new questions. Another page, “Schedule a Consultation,” provides the ability to filter a list of student staff, or DLL Specialists, by key multimedia topics so that students can get help when they need it. “DLL Specialists,” offers information about employment opportunities at the DLL.

The website also offers pages for faculty to learn more about McGraw’s resources for teaching with technology, including a list of courses that have utilized the DLL and a growing number of testimonials.

Animating the website with scenes of faculty and students teaching and learning in the DLL are clips and stills from a video feature produced by Princeton’s Office of Communications earlier this year, “Teaching with Technology: The possibilities of learning”. To craft the film included in the news article, videographer Nick Donnoli visited class sessions and workshops at McGraw DLL.

In Professor Martha Sandweiss’ Freshman Seminar, “Princeton, Slavery, and Historical Memory,” students created multimedia projects about Princeton students and other members of the community who have connections to slavery. Preparing undergraduates to undertake these projects involved multiple class sessions in McGraw DLL.  DLL Manager Dan Claro and journalist/filmmaker Melvin McCray taught students how to record oral-history interviews, edit digital audio footage into narratives, and combine audio and images into short documentaries. A selection of these student videos is provided on the new Princeton & Slavery website.

Also featuring quite prominently on the new DLL website are Professor Alison Isenberg, documentary filmmaker and editor Purcell Carson, and their students from URB 202: “Documentary Film and the City.” In this interdisciplinary course,  students learn how to engage with archival research and create documentary films that compliment or extend their research papers about Trenton, NJ, in the turbulent 1960s. To stage an innovative class like this, students need access to a unique combination of hardware, software, data storage and support. McGraw staff have worked with the course since 2013, digitizing photographs, co-teaching multimedia-focused sessions, helping students, and creating an online database/repository for the rich archival materials gathered by students and faculty. See student videos on The Trenton Project website.


Click to register. Poster design by Dimitris Ntaras ’21.

In addition to partnerships with faculty, the new McGraw site highlights student teaching, a new initiative at the DLL. Last year, McGraw partnered with the School of Architecture to offer graduate students the opportunity to teach with design software they use every day such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and AutoCAD. One session in the series led by an undergraduate student, on building a portfolio for internships and graduate school applications, inspired this fall’s workshop series.

Led by student staff who work in the DLL, called DLL Specialists, and two special guests, the eight multimedia workshops offered this semester help students develop an array of versatile skills, from creating photographs, posters, videos and podcasts to building portfolio websites and web apps. Many sessions also support courses working with the DLL this semester, including PORS 304, URB 202, and two Writing Seminars.

Please visit the new DLL website and feel free to visit or get in touch. Find the address, email, phone and staff listing on the Contact Us page.

Posted by November 9, 2017