Learn something new with lynda.com

The Office of Information Technology at Princeton has a site license for lynda.com, an award-winning, online software-training site. The lynda.com training library contains over 1,000 titles featuring a wide variety of software packages, such as Adobe and Microsoft Office products, video- and audio-editing software, web development applications, scripting, and 3D design packages.

The URL for Princeton’s web portal to lynda.com is:


Anyone with a valid Princeton netid has access to this portal. (There is no need to use VPN.)

There is a help page with more exact instructions of how to use the site, with support and troubleshooting information for the Princeton campus community.

Lynda.com has its own FAQ page, and there is a Princeton-specific FAQ for lynda.com.

Want a presentation about lynda.com for your staff or department? Request an office visit or group presentation here.

Posted by October 12, 2015