IIIF Tools on Commons

The OpenSeaDragon zoomable image viewer

The OpenSeadragon zoomable image viewer

The International Image Interoperability Framework (or IIIF) is a open standard for delivering image data over the web. The standard is used extensively by the Princeton University Library, Art Museum, the Visual Resources Collection in the Department of Art & Archaeology at Princeton and at many cultural heritage institutions around the world. In collaboration with the campus partners, we have been exploring and implementing quite a few tools that take advantage of these technologies and applying those tools toward teaching and learning. Our first step was to implement the excellent Mirador Image Viewer for the Canvas course management system. Mirador pulls high resolution images directly from these institutional collections and displays them in a workspace that enables the juxtaposition of multiple images from multiple repositories.

Two other tools that take advantage of IIIF are Universal Viewer and OpenSeadragon. These image viewers (media viewers might be more appropriate since Universal Viewer can work with a variety of media) can also high-quality images from institutional repositories and provide tools for zooming in on and otherwise manipulating the images. The tools have been added as plugins to the McGraw Commons course blog platform. After the plugins have been enabled, authors may insert ‘shortcodes’ in their posts or pages, along with the web address of a IIIF ‘manifest’ for an image collection, and an interactive viewer will be embedded in the blog.

If you are interested in integrating IIIF resources and tools in your coursework, contact mcgrawect@princeton.edu to learn more.

Posted by November 6, 2020