Be advised that DVD, VHS, and CD players in the seminar-sized classrooms are starting to fail and are not being replaced. Seminar-sized classrooms are being designed as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) — with a data projector or flat panel, audio speakers, and laptop connections only. Your laptop will be the media player for the room, displaying video, audio, and computer content. For this reason, we are recommending media needed for teaching in the classroom should be digitized and streamed.

Video-On-Demand: Assigned audio and video (DVD, VHS, Laser Disc) materials that will be accessed through your Blackboard course page should be brought to the Video Library Service currently located in Firestone Library B-2-J  (Barbara McLaughlin 609-258-0739). These materials are made available only to the participants of the course and only for the duration of the course.

Academic/Research material (DVD, VHS, CD, audio cassette, reel-to-reel and LPs) may be digitized to DVD, MP4 and MP3 files by:

-The McGraw Digital Learning Lab in Lewis Library
-Media Services at 87 Prospect

For Copyright information please visit: