Design, assign (and survive) a multimedia class project?

Assigning a multimedia project in a class can be a enjoyable way to encapsulate a learning experience or research project. These project do, however, take some extra planning.

There are some things to keep in mind if you (or your students) may not be familiar with the tools needed to create such a project.

  • What is a reasonable amount of time to complete the project as designed? A well-edited short video created from scratch, 3-5 minutes can take a week’s work to produce–even if you are familiar with the software
  • Is the assignment reasonable for the amount of credit given towards the final grade? If not, some students might elect not to complete the project
  • Are there sufficient resources for students to complete the project without unfair financial burdens? There are, for example, a limited number of video cameras that can be borrowed, and even fewer lights, and tripods
  • Are there adequate substitutes for scarce resources? Could the students use a smartphone, or other device they are likely to already own to complete the assignment without being penalized for lower video quality?
  • Do the students actually understand the software needed to complete the project? Do you need to build some time for training in your timeline for completion?
  • It is possible to offer a range of acceptable formats (blog, webpage, podcast or video) that can be suited to the skills the student might already have?

If you’d like to discuss these points with an expert, consultation information can be found at the bottom of this post. The same link can be used to schedule training for your students in the tools they need to complete the project.

Equipment to Create Multimedia Projects
Equipment can be rented at Media Services, located in the basement of the New South building. All rentals require an account number. Request for rentals should be placed 24 hours in advance and can be placed via phone or e-mail.

Please visit their equipment rental charges page at: http://www/mediaservices/equipment-rental-charges/

Call: 609-258-3196

Available software at the McGraw Digital Learning Lab and J-Street Library
The McGraw Digital Learning Lab & Julian Street Library (at Wilson College) offers the following software:

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Adobe Acrobat 10
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign Adobe Fireworks
Adobe After Effects Adobe Audition
Adobe Bridge Adobe Contribute
Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash
Flash Catalyst Flash Builder
Adobe Media Encoder OnLocation
Adobe Premiere Pro Story
Flip4Mac HD iSkySoft
Microsoft Office 2011 Toast Titanium
SnapXPro ScreenFlowPro
Final Cut X Motion 4.0
Compressor 4.0 FinalCut Pro (Studio 2)
Final Cut 7 Compressor 3.0
Motion 3 Color
SoundtrackPro Cinema Tools
Audacity Carbon Copy Cloner
DiffMerge Blender
DivX Player FileZilla
Google SketchUp Google Earth
Handbreak iWorks
Garageband MatLab
MPEGStreamClip Real Player
Remote Desktop Connection R
Skype Quicktime Pro (7 & 10)
Text Wrangler XCode

Multimedia Project Examples
Recent examples of multimedia projects created at the McGraw Digital Learning Lab include:

  • Documentaries for senior theses
  • 3D architecture models for architecture students
  • 3D illustration models for art exhibit
  • Short films for urban studies

For consultations on multimedia projects, training or workshops:
Please contact the McGraw Digital Learning Lab: 258-6073.

Posted by October 12, 2015