Would you like to try something different using technology in the classroom or as an assignment for your students?

McGraw Center staff can help to advise, train, and prepare you to add a new technology component to your teaching or offer advice on topics related to technology-enhanced education, digital project development, digital assignments, and accessible design.

Digital Learning Lab – Offer hands-on training related to technology-enhanced coursework in the McGraw Digital Learning Lab. Arrangements can also be made to make specialized software available.

Emerging Technologies – The ECT group is always looking out for emerging technologies that may improve or impact teaching and learning at Princeton University. Contact us for more information or to suggest a topic.

Clickers – The McGraw Center has several sets of classroom audience response systems, or ‘clickers’, to loan for use in Princeton courses. Other, online options are also available.

Blogs – Incorporating a blog into your course can add a creative component to your class, improve communication, and engage students in the development of a lasting scholarly resource. The McGraw Center can assist you in getting a blog created for your course and offer advice in effective strategies for using blogs for teaching.

Digital projects – A variety of platforms are available to support the creation of online, digital projects related to coursework. Projects may be instructional in nature, such as an online textbook, serve as a collective archive of resources, or as a way to convey course-based research to the world.

Have a different topic in mind? Contact us at mcgrawect@princeton.edu.

Schedule a Consultation – Individual staff members at the McGraw Center’s Educational and Classroom Technologies group are available to discuss any of these topics. Contact mcgrawect@princeton.edu