New McGraw DLL Website

We are pleased to announce a new teaching and learning-focused website for the McGraw Digital Learning Lab (DLL). This new website is part of a broader initiative to frame the identity of McGraw DLL in terms of it’s interdisciplinary teaching-mission… Continue Reading →

Fact and research in the digital age: a free resource

Gathering accurate information from the internet is risky business. Students have a particularly hard time critically reading web-based content. Fortunately, there is an excellent online primer on how to search, prove, and cross-check internet sources. I recommend this resource not… Continue Reading →

Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is a browser-based Python application enabling the creation of documents that can contain both rich text and executable computer code.  By mixing text and code in the same display, these notebooks are useful for presenting not only data… Continue Reading →

A new McGraw workshop series: First event, March 9th, on Speed Grading

Second Wednesday Technology Workshops: The McGraw Center is offering a new series that discusses teaching technologies on the second Wednesday of every month classes are in session. There are two more sessions in Spring term. What’s up this month? Speed… Continue Reading →

New #teaching tools in East Pyne 012: perfect for #activelearning

The classroom, East Pyne 012, is now part of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. The classroom design includes a central seminar table and computer stations along the side walls of the room is perfect for active learning —… Continue Reading →

Manage my office hours online

There is an OIT Service that allows you to mark your availability and allow students to sign up for consultations and office hours during those specific times. The service can be found at, and can be included in your… Continue Reading →

Register personal electronics in the host database

All items that require an internet connection must be registered in the host database in order to be able to take advantage of Princeton resources. (It will also suspend your cellular plan’s minutes.) Host database registration enables mobile devices to… Continue Reading →

Long-term media storage

The Xstor repository providea students, staff, and faculty with a private large capacity media storage service for large media files such as video, audio, and animation files. To request an account for course-related work, please contact the McGraw Digital Learning… Continue Reading →

Get help with Blackboard

The Blackboard help line is 8-0737. It is staffed 24/7. For more information, tutorials and training requests, visit the Blackboard Home page. A list of help topics can be found there under the section “FAQs and How-to.”

Share and work online with others

Have you ever needed to work on a document in real time with another colleague, inside or outside Princeton? The Google Drive provisioned by Princeton is an easy way to share documents for others and collaborate in real time on… Continue Reading →

Web conferencing at Princeton

Web-conferencing, video-conferencing, telecollaboration. Curious about how to get started? While some uses are satisfied by consumer-grade systems, such as Skype, sometimes you meed a more robust web-conferencing environment. There are a few purpose-built rooms on campus, which are designed for… Continue Reading →

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