Classroom Response Strategies

Paris in the Spring — Paris as a Case Study

A group of journalism students in Elaine Sciolino’s JRN 456: Local Reporting: Paris as a Case Study, recently spent spring break in Paris, reporting on the sights, sounds, and experiences of the city. Sciolino, former Paris bureau chief for The New… Continue Reading →

Is multiple choice a bad choice? Read this post.

The Evolution of Multiple Choice E-learning | Henrik J. Mondrup | This post by Henrik J. Mondrup, a social learning expert, describes how combining peer-to-peer education with multiple choice exercises in a pair-think-share activity can make the sort of question… Continue Reading →

Monday, September 26, 4:30 – 6:00: A Faculty Showcase with Professor Hisae Matsui, East Asian Studies

Hisae Matsui will speak about her development of a unique blended course in intermediate Japanese grammar. Professor Matsui has been working with the McGraw Center for the past three years to develop content for this course — using the McGraw… Continue Reading →

In honor of International Women’s Day, SPA108 uses Blackboard and Piazza for an international discussion of “Machismo”

Post by Professor Monserrat Bores Martinez with contributions from Professor Nadia Cervantes Perez On March 7th, sixty-three students in Spanish 108, taught by Professors Monserrat Bores Martinez and Nadia Cervantes Perez, used a combination of Piazza, a popular Q&A platform,… Continue Reading →

A new McGraw workshop series: First event, March 9th, on Speed Grading

Second Wednesday Technology Workshops: The McGraw Center is offering a new series that discusses teaching technologies on the second Wednesday of every month classes are in session. There are two more sessions in Spring term. What’s up this month? Speed… Continue Reading →

Active learning: a short reading list

In a previous post, I cited this simple definition for active learning: Active learning is a process where students engage in classroom activities that promote critical engagement with course materials. Activities may include text analysis, collaborative writing, various forms of… Continue Reading →

New #teaching tools in East Pyne 012: perfect for #activelearning

The classroom, East Pyne 012, is now part of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. The classroom design includes a central seminar table and computer stations along the side walls of the room is perfect for active learning —… Continue Reading →

It’s clicker season!

Need clickers for your class? Have you assigned clickers for your class? The McGraw Center can help you integrate student-owned clickers into Blackboard so that your quizzes are automatically graded and uploaded to the Blackboard gradebook. For anonymous, occasional polling,… Continue Reading →

What is passive learning? (and how to avoid it)

On January 4th, The Chronicle of Higher Education published an opinion piece written by 15 undergraduates, all writing seminar students from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In The Chronicle’s update the next day, the post, called A Lecture from the… Continue Reading →

Small Changes in Teaching: The First 5 Minutes of Class – The Chronicle of Higher Education

How do you spend the first five minutes of your class? It might make a big difference in how students learn. Here are some great tips from James M. Lang, via The Chronicle of Higher Education ( January 11, 2016):… Continue Reading →

Build easy-to-grade assignments

Blackboard has several tools that allow you to assign students assessments, blog posts, discussion board items, or other forms of submitting assignments. You can also create rubrics in Blackboard to make team grading more effective, or to share your expectations… Continue Reading →

Make my course website more interactive

Blackboard course sites are built for every course, every semester. Are you getting the most out of your site? Blackboard includes many useful features, and is a place students know to go for commonly shared course documents, such as your… Continue Reading →

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