A new McGraw workshop series: First event, March 9th, on Speed Grading

Second Wednesday Technology Workshops: The McGraw Center is offering a new series that discusses teaching technologies on the second Wednesday of every month classes are in session. There are two more sessions in Spring term.

What’s up this month?

Speed Grading: Just in Time for Exams, Wednesday, March 9th, 4:30 -6:00, Frist 330


Imagine grading 250 tests in 15 minutes or less. Sound enticing as final exams approach?

McGraw’s Scantron grading machine can make that kind of speed possible. The machine marks wrong answers–while also indicating the correct choice, counts the number of answers correct, and calculates a percentage score. It prints this data on individual test sheets so students can review their work.

After the test is machine-graded the McGraw Center can provide detailed analytics about class performance, identify possible “problem” questions, and share visualizations of the test results. A spreadsheet compatible with the Blackboard gradebook is also provided for easy upload of scores to your course site.

Another option for a fast grading experience is new clicker software — this solution is intended for courses that are already using student-owned clickers integrated with Blackboard. There is now a visual interface in the software that allows the identification of the correct answer and points possible per question after you administer a clicker poll. Rather than settling for simple participation points, it is now possible to give letter grades for in-class assessments.

Please join us for this hands-on session. What grade do you give for fast results?

Next month’s topic: Data Mining and Text Analysis for the Classroom, April 13th, 4:30 -6:00, Frist 330


Posted by February 29, 2016