A Friendly Robot for Lecture Capture: Introducing the Swivl

The McGraw Center has recently acquired four Swivl robots, portable tools for automated lecture capture. These robots use your own smart phone or tablet on a robotic base to record your lecture. The robot follows your movements using a tracker that you carry or wear; the tracker also serves as a microphone. As you move, the robot tilts and turns, following the tracker.

Slide decks made in PowerPoint or Keynote can be uploaded to the app that comes with the Swivl. After the video is uploaded, your presentation appears side-by-side with the captured video, automatically syncing your voice and slide timings in the presentation. 

Once recordings are complete, they can be downloaded, embedded on a website, or shared via link. If you wish, students can leave time-stamped comments and questions about your lecture. 

To learn more about this product, visit the Swivl website.
To borrow a Swivl, contact us. We will give you a demo and a device. Don’t have a tablet? You can borrow one from the McGraw Center.
Posted by December 7, 2015