The Princeton University Digital Library (PUDL) is a terrific source of digitized materials from the Library’s collections.  The selection of these materials for digitization is often driven by teaching needs.  Several of the teaching projects to which the McGraw Center has contributed have used materials digitized by the Library and housed in the PUDL, including the Falda Publications and Soviet Children’s Books. The collection website contains a wealth of information about these materials, as well as tools for browsing the books and for zooming in to the high-quality images.  This latter tool is based on the open-source OpenSeaDragon, a javascript library for the creation and embedding of these zoomable images. When coupled with the high-quality scans found in Princeton’s Digital Library, the OpenSeaDragon package can be a very useful teaching and research tool. The OpenSeaDragon tool however can be used with any (preferably large) image on the web. In order to encourage to the pedagogical use of Princeton’s digital materials and of digital images generally, McGraw’s Educational & Classroom Technologies group has developed an OpenSeadragon plugin for the the McGraw Commons WordPress platform. Using this plugin, students and faculty developing course websites can easily embed such ‘zoomable’ images with the addition of a simple code:

[seadragon image="...url to the image...."]

With the addition of the web address to a large image, results in something like:

Posted by November 21, 2016