Record parts of my lecture for study or preview

There are several ways you can record parts of your lecture for study or for review. Students appreciate the ability to re-visit lecture content for study. If you are interested in active learning, you may also be interested in recording parts of your lecture for “flipping” the classroom, so you can spend in-class time on active learning.

Some easy solutions:

  • PowerPoint and Keynote have built-in recording features; you talk to your slides, and the application will record your voice and slide timings
  • The Swivl robot can automate lecture capture. This automated solution tracks your movement in the classroom, and records your talk. If you upload slides to the the Swivl server, you can time your slides to the recording for student review. You can borrow a robot from the McGraw Center
  • Software solutions and desktop apps include ScreenFlow (Mac, paid, also available through the Mac app store), Camtasia (Mac or PC, paid), Cattura Capture Cast (Chrome add-on, free) and the Kaltura lecture capture tool built into Blackboard.
  • Video cameras. With the assistance of an AI, you can capture your lectures to a standard video camera
  • Document camera. Suitable for complicated written content such as formulae and non-Western characters — McGraw has document cameras that can capture your face, voice, and whatever you may write or show on a reflective surface– paper, for instance.
  • Professional recording services. McGraw has a small studio for more formal recordings

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Posted by October 12, 2015