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What faculty members can find at McGraw’s Digital Learning Lab

A familiar center, familiar staff, but a new name and mission. We are pleased to announce our recently re-branded learning lab. There are more changes coming in the new academic year. Soon, the DLL will be one of the largest… Continue Reading →

Wrapped in secrecy: Professor Conlan reveals the not-so-secret secrets of medieval Japanese court documents using an innovative website

What do you do with a kirifu? Thomas Conlan, Professor of East Asian Studies, explains this, and many other mysteries on his new webpage, Komonjo. The website celebrates Conlan’s research concerning the three collections of medieval Japanese court manuscripts featured… Continue Reading →

The importance of document “styles” for teaching and learning

A writer’s style is what makes for a readership. Readers return to an author with a style that appeals to them. Defining “style” in another way, one might consult a style guide, for example, The Chicago Manual of Style, as… Continue Reading →

2015 Digital Bootcamp

Between November 2nd and 6th, 2015 (Fall Break week) the McGraw Center will co-sponsor a digital media bootcamp in partnership with the Council of the Humanities at Princeton. The Media Boot Camp is designed to provide a practical grounding in… Continue Reading →

Design, assign (and survive) a multimedia class project?

Assigning a multimedia project in a class can be a enjoyable way to encapsulate a learning experience or research project. These project do, however, take some extra planning. There are some things to keep in mind if you (or your… Continue Reading →

Record parts of my lecture for study or preview

There are several ways you can record parts of your lecture for study or for review. Students appreciate the ability to re-visit lecture content for study. If you are interested in active learning, you may also be interested in recording… Continue Reading →

Learn something new with

The Office of Information Technology at Princeton has a site license for, an award-winning, online software-training site. The training library contains over 1,000 titles featuring a wide variety of software packages, such as Adobe and Microsoft Office products,… Continue Reading →

Use film, images, and other digital media in class

Princeton has a large body of digitized material you can use in teaching. Additionally, new materials can be digitized for use in your course. For help and suggestions on how to use material effectively tin teaching, contact the Educational and… Continue Reading →

Find existing film, images, and other media for teaching

A large number of readings, films, and audio recordings are available in digital format. To find existing audio, video, and image resources please consult the main library catalog (for audio and video resources), the Visual Resource Center for image files,… Continue Reading →

Digitize teaching materials

Be advised that DVD, VHS, and CD players in the seminar-sized classrooms are starting to fail and are not being replaced. Seminar-sized classrooms are being designed as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) — with a data projector or flat panel,… Continue Reading →

A new learning library for faculty members and administrators: Academic Impressions

Princeton has recently purchased a site license for a service called Academic Impressions, which hosts conferences and live webinars of interest to professionals in higher education. A recent sample of upcoming and past webinars include: Ideas for a more inclusive… Continue Reading →

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