Assessment and Grading

McGraw’s Ben Johnston to talk about collaboration with @PrincetonSPO on interactive, digital textbook.

Date: Saturday, July 15, 2017 Time: 1:30 – 1:45 p.m. at WPCampus in Buffalo, NY.   The McGraw Center is pleased to announce an upcoming talk by Senior Educational Technologist, Ben Johnston, on the collaborative work he did with the Department… Continue Reading →

A Commons for teaching at Princeton

The Mcgraw Center for Teaching and Learning is proud to announce a new service, the McGraw Commons. The McGraw Commons is an online publishing platform for teaching and learning. It includes several installations of web-based teaching tools, hosted on Princeton… Continue Reading →

A new McGraw workshop series: First event, March 9th, on Speed Grading

Second Wednesday Technology Workshops: The McGraw Center is offering a new series that discusses teaching technologies on the second Wednesday of every month classes are in session. There are two more sessions in Spring term. What’s up this month? Speed… Continue Reading →

It’s clicker season!

Need clickers for your class? Have you assigned clickers for your class? The McGraw Center can help you integrate student-owned clickers into Blackboard so that your quizzes are automatically graded and uploaded to the Blackboard gradebook. For anonymous, occasional polling,… Continue Reading →

What’s old is new again: the ScantronScore at the McGraw Center

There’s a new interest on campus in assessments that allow quick return of grades to students, accompanied by detailed analytics that can help define curricular goals. The ScantronScore uses the same bubble sheets you may have used on an assessment… Continue Reading →

Build easy-to-grade assignments

Blackboard has several tools that allow you to assign students assessments, blog posts, discussion board items, or other forms of submitting assignments. You can also create rubrics in Blackboard to make team grading more effective, or to share your expectations… Continue Reading →

Use polls and surveys

There are several polling tools available at Princeton. For live, in-class polling you might want to consider the use of clickers For asynchronous polling, you can use the Assessment tools in Blackboard, or the WordPress plugin, Pinion, which is available… Continue Reading →

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